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Why Do I Care About Social Justice?

Doug stands with social justice leaders for reform. When the marginalized do well, we are all elevated.

Social justice is a philosophy that advocates for the fair and equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges in a society. It is based on the belief that everyone, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or social status, should have access to the same rights, opportunities, and benefits.

Social justice seeks to address the systemic and institutional barriers that prevent certain groups of people from fully participating in society and accessing the resources and opportunities that are available to others. This includes advocating for policies and practices that promote equality, fairness, and inclusivity, as well as fighting against discrimination, prejudice, and inequality.

Social justice can take many forms, including but not limited to economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, gender justice, and reproductive justice. It involves promoting and protecting the basic human rights of all individuals, and striving towards a society that is just, equitable, and inclusive for everyone.

I will work tirelessly to promote equal rights and equal opportunities so that all communities in CA-3 can connect, thrive and prosper.

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